Sole part 2

26 March 2014

The teak sole was ready for the first coat of West System two part 105-B epoxy resin, 206-B slow hardener. Applying it only took 2 hours with a 2 inch brush. Try following the grain with parquet. 

It was cyphered out early that mixing 3 squirts of A with 3 squirts of B, would produce enough product to cover eight square feet of horizontal space.

With the ports and hatches closed, a heater running to maintain temperature and humidity, the captain retreated to the cockpit with notebook in hand to work on planning upcoming projects.

The next morning the trusty five inch sander was cranked up wearing 180 grit to knock off the shine. It only took 20 minutes to finish. All in all two coats of epoxy was applied as the base. Part 3 will cover the top coats.



  1. I've heard of people using epoxy on bare wood before using varnish but I don't think I've seen it until now. It certainly looks good. It gives the salon a brighter look.

  2. Thanks Dan. On my first boat I experimented with epoxy over a teak and holly sole. The half inch holly strips between the teak really popped after that project. It was still looking good when I sold her 5 years later.


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