Stellar Impeller

02 FEB 2014

During this weeks maintenance it was noted that the engine temperature was slightly warmer than normal. The raw water pump is directly under the companion way steps and easy enough to inspect. After removing the cover plate it was visible to see the reason for the increase of temperature was due to the decrease of water being pumped through the system. After inspecting the impeller it was noted that five blades were damaged but all were still attached. Still having a complete impeller gave relief to knowing that no pieces were pushed down stream into the tube bundle inside of the heat exchanger. 

It has been 199 hours of service time with this impeller. Also note worthy is that the majority of that time has been on the inland/near shore waterways. Dirtier and higher chemical p.p.m. reduces the service life of pumps. While the pump was partially disassembled it was decided to swap out the double bearings, inner o-ring, and inner seal. Simply stated a major rebuild kit was used.

With a new impeller installed and the log book updated, the Perkins is now running back at the expected temperature.

Pump: Sherwood G65
Major rebuild kit: around $90
Rebuild time: around 2 1/2 hours



  1. Here's a suggestion that I found from someone else.

    If you ever want to remove the corrosion from the pump, (maybe next impeller change?), take the impeller out and soak the pump in vinegar. I did it with mine and it ate the corrosion and bubbled around it. I only did a couple hour soak and used a wire brush to clean it up. The cover plate was leaking and stopped after the cleaning.
    I did a post about it. At the bottom of this post:

    1. Dan, that is a great idea. It also works well in the heat exchanger. My next pump project is to convert a spare pump cover into a speed cover.

    2. Hmm, another great use for vinegar. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gremlins,

    Going thru a rebuild of our G65 right now also. I got a couple of inquiries out there regarding speed seals. Contacted the company only to be told they don't make a kit for the G65, but have seen on some of the forums talk of a speed seal for this model. if you by chance come by any info let me know. Will do the same if i find anything.

    1. Hi Discovery. I plan on taking this spare cover to work and throwing it on the lathe to cut a o-ring groove. I'll let you know how it turns out. Also I'll keep my eyes and ears open for a speed seal.


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